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Rajkamal Tent House

We have withstood more than two-consecutive decades, and that is not an easy task. We understand and encourage our clients to add their own colours to the event, by taking inputs and ideas from them personally- making their event, truly theirs. 
When it comes to corporates, our Moto is to ensure that we understand their brand’s unique vision to tailor an exclusive event persona that has all the pillars your company stands for.


He understands what distinguishes a good event from a great event.

The ideology was passed to him by his father who is the main architect of the company. He knows how to integrate advance technologies in the business, which clearly shows in his efficient work culture.

He always puts a conscious effort to make every event, a memorable one.

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When you leave, you’ll feel a connection that will last longer than the event you came in for. The event then, will be an affectionate display

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